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先知性繪畫工作坊 | Prophetic Drawing Workshop

先知性繪畫工作坊 | Prophetic Drawing Workshop

日期 | Date: 2.18.2024

時間 |Time: 1 pm – 4 pm

地點| Location:教會 Church

即使不親自前往肯亞,也能參與在肯亞超級團隊當中。那就是為當地的孩子和家庭創作一幅先知性的圖畫。如果你想要以文字和創意來祝福,我們邀請你一起來領受並學習Justine Lin的教導。我們的目標是為肯亞的Comido學校創作600幅先知性的圖畫。可代訂便當(代訂便當限本會會友), 每人100元, 請於當日將費用交給Lydia。報名連結:

Another way for you to be part of the Kenya Super team without going is to create a prophetic drawing for the local kids and families. If you want to use your words and creativity to bless, we invite you to come to receive a teaching and impartation from Justine Lin. We are aiming to create 600 prophetic drawings for Comido School in Kenya.

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